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In It To Win It!

Mercy high School gives students many opportunities in many different sports. There is basketball, volleyball, dance team, cheerleading, softball, soccer, tennis, swim, cross country, and track. All these sports are played in three seasons, fall, winter, and spring. This year, two girls on the basketball team broke a Mercy record. Megan Wheeler and Laura Salerno broke the 3 pointer and rebound records. A high number of students have signed for a specific sport for a college. I asked Kevin Modrell, Athletic Director, why he thinks having sports at Mercy is important. He answered, “I think having sports at Mercy is important because sports do so much for the individuals involved. Sports are a great way to create friendships, it also creates a sense of pride in playing for the name on the front of your jersey. Sport also teach valuable life skills, such as confidence,  leadership, determination, and perseverance. Many of our athletes are not going to go on to play a sport in college, but by playing sports for Mercy they are going to develop the skills mentioned earlier and even more that are going to make them competitive in an academic/career setting. Also I think it is a way to bring the Mercy Community closer. When we have events like pack the house and the gym is full of people it creates an environment that brings the school together as one. There is no greater feeling for an athlete than to look out into the crowd when playing a game and seeing their friends rooting them on from the stands and wanting to show what they are capable of doing”. Mercy high school has a competitive athletic desire to compete and win.
Most of the student body at Mercy High School plasy multiple sports each year. I asked freshman Carlee Lee, how many sports she plays at Mercy. She answered, “Two: basketball and track.” Most sports have two teams, Junior Varsity and Varsity. Basketball and volleyball have a specific freshman team for the freshmen who do not make varsity or JV. Mercy High School is a great school for sports. It will train the students to the best of their abilities with competition and fun.
Many teachers at Mercy High School coach a sports team. Track, SoftBall, Basketball, and Cross Country all have teacher-coaches. I asked basketball and softball coach who is also the theology teacher, Sean Maddigan, “When you’re on the court and field coaching do you feel that coaching helps with creating a better relationship with your student athletes?” He responded, “Absolutely. You get to face challenges together as a team, are able to interact outside the classroom and in a sports setting and I get to see more of the students talents and gifts.” At Mercy High School students learn through athletics and academics.

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