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What Really Is A Prom Dress Closet?

It’s spring time and in high school that means so much. There’s going on summer vacation, finals all over again, and PROM. Prom is the ultimate high school dance. Everyone who goes wants to be the freshest and cleanest looking person/ couple there. Prom is very important in high school but it also comes with many expenses and so much work. For prom, people usually get the essentials such as nails, hair, dress, shoes, limo, where to eat, finding a date, suit and many more. Is it worth it? These things aren’t cheap. The biggest essential for prom is a dress. Without a dress, what is the point? Many people end up not even going to prom because they can’t get or don’t have a dress.
At Mercy, teachers Mrs. Vankat and Ms. Regele have put prom dress closets in their rooms. The dresses are for the students immediate use and when prom is over they just return them. Even if the prom isn’t at Mercy, a dress can still be borrowed and returned. We spoke with Mrs. Vankat and Ms. Regele about Mercy’s Prom Dress Closet: 


1.Why did you start the Prom Dress Closet?

Mrs.Vankat: I decided to start loaning out prom dresses because I know how expensive prom dresses can be and it didn’t make sense to me to have a bunch of dressing just collecting dust in my closet. I know my daughters will not likely wear these dresses again, but I don’t want to donate them to somewhere else, knowing Mercy girls could use them and save money at the same time.

Mrs. Regele:The idea for the prom closet was all Mrs. Vankat! She has several prom dresses that her daughters have worn through the years, and she wanted to give people the opportunity to borrow them rather than paying a lot of money for a new dress. I piggy-backed on her idea and had several dresses that others have donated to me through the last couple of years, so we had dresses available in her room and my room for people to borrow!

2. What are your emotions when these girls receive these dresses?

Mrs.Vankat: It makes me happy when one of the dresses works for a Mercy girl and It also brings back memories for me when I see one of them wearing a dress one of my daughters wore. It feels great knowing I helped someone out.

Mrs. Regele:It is so exciting to see someone find a dress that they love! It is also great when seniors donate their old dresses, and then get to see their friends or younger classmates wear the dress that they love.

3. What is your favorite part of giving these dresses?

Mrs. Vankat: My favorite part of loaning these dresses is when I get to see prom pictures of my Mercy girls wearing one of these dresses. They always look so happy in the pictures and it’s very satisfying seeing the pictures.

Mrs. Regele: My favorite part is that students are able to find a wonderful dress to wear to prom without having to spend a lot of money. It is also great to see these beautiful dresses get worn more than just once!

All together, prom can be a enormous “chunk of change”. With the Prom Dress Closet, one big expense can be demolished by just one step in Mrs. Vankat’s or Mrs. Regele’s classroom.

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