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The Meaning of Easter

Easter is the most celebrated event in the Catholic Church by far. This is because the Resurrection is the center of our faith. If Jesus hadn’t risen from the dead, Catholicism wouldn’t exist today.
Many people today take Catholicism for granted. But what they don’t realize is that if Jesus hadn’t died on the cross for our sins, the world would be nothing like it is now. Our world would be completely changed, and not for the better. Through the Resurrection, the people who witnessed and experienced it helped shape our world. The Resurrection changed the way people thought about time and history, and it made their perspectives evolve. It forced them to think about their responsibilities and about the Christian mission in a different way. Without the Resurrection, the Christian mission wouldn’t even be possible.
Jesus died for our sins, conquered death, and opened the gates of Heaven through the Resurrection. He brought joy and hope to all those who encountered him, and to those who heard the good news. That is why Easter is so important; it brings us new life in Christ, lets us share in the joy of the Resurrection, and erases the fear of death. It is something that has to be shared with others. It is something which changed the world.

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