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“I Can Only Imagine”: A Movie Review

Last weekend I saw the movie I Can Only Imagine. I Can only Imagine is a movie about Bart MIllard, a boy who came from an abusive household, his life and how he came to be a famous Christian singer-songwriter. Bart Millard was born and raised in Greenville Texas. When Bart was in third grade his mother left him to his abusive father. In the movie it was said that Bart, as a child, wanted to grow up and play football because that’s what his father did. Bart did pursue playing football in high school but a tragic injury befell, causing Bart to not be able to play anymore. Not being able to play football any more, Bart had to find something else to do with his life. Bart joined the glee club. He was put to the task of setting up the sound in the auditorium. One day his teacher overheard him singing. The next thing Bart knew he was cast in the school musical. Bart went to his teacher to beg her to change her mind and said he would never perform. The teacher got her way and Bart was a hit.

After high school Bart left Greenville to pursue his dream of singing. Bart ended up performing with a band for many recording companies. After they all had turned him down, he went back to Greenville to confront his past. From this trip he had gotten the tools he needed. He ended up writing the hit Christian song I Can Only Imagine. In my opinion this movie was very well done. It was very well cast and directed. If I was to grade this movie, I would give it an A.

Molly Vankat
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