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The Girls of the Garden Club

Most people are curious about the spring play, The Girls of the Garden Club, so here’s some much-wanted information about the play. It takes place in suburban New Jersey during the 1980s, so expect to see mom jeans! The characters range from young ladies to older women mainly housewives who love flowers and gardening. The main point of contention is between the main characters of Lillybelle, the current president, and Rhoda, who aspires to become president of the garden club.

This play was chosen by Mr. von Kampen, the director, because of the large female cast. He wanted to make sure that as many of the students that wanted to be a part of theatre had the opportunity to participate. Mr. von Kampen chose the leads based on their performance when they auditioned previously during the school year and their ability to portray their character. How they did in 1776, the winter play, also played a small role in determining which part the actresses received.

The Girls of the Garden Club premiers in less than a month and von Kampen said that the cast and crew are working hard to be ready for the performances. He says that the actresses are having fun with their characters and the set is coming together nicely. To prepare even more for the play there is something called Tech Week. It’s the week before the first performance where they rehearse the entire show in full costume, hair and makeup, using the microphones and working in sound cues. They make sure to get the most authentic feel of the show to be positive nothing could go wrong.

Much work is being put into this production of The Girls of the Garden Club so make sure to see it at Mercy on April 13-15. Tickets can be ordered at the door and all are welcome to see the play. For more articles visit

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