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So You Think You Can Dance?

The dance team had its tryouts for the 2018/2019 season on March 18. The girls learned a dance routine the couple of days before the actual tryout.The dance they will be learning is a jazz style. The graduating seniors make up the dance so none of the girls will have a benefit of already knowing the dance. I asked Emily Bragg, senior, how hard it was to come up with a dance for tryouts? She said, “Claire Wulff Morgan and I procrastinated doing the tryout dance until the last possible day. Then Claire ended up being sick from school and I had to come up with the dance by myself! However, it actually wasn’t too hard and I was proud of the choreography by the end” .Throughout the two days of clinic, the girls learn a kick-line routine. During the actual tryout there will be a group of three in the room trying out in front of three different judges. The girls will show their technique alone but do the dance and kick routines together. I asked sophomores, Emma Johnson and Clara Keating if the tryouts are stressful or nerve-racking. Emma said, “ It was neither, I felt comfortable with the requirements given.“ and Clara said, “ Yes, they were both stressful and nerve-racking because you have to do your very best in front of people you don’t know”. The girls will find out the next week if they made the team or not. Before next school year the dance team members will have a dance camp where they will learn several dances. I asked the dance team coach, Katie Kilpatrick, about her goals for next year’s team.  She said “The first goal I have for next years team is to continue to get stronger in our dance technique and add additional skills to our abilities. Another goal I have is to get out into the community more with some clinics for elementary and junior high students as well as competing at local competitions around the state”. I also asked her how many girls tried out this year.  She said, “There were 17 girls that attended tryouts”. The team members and the coach are excited for the new girls who make the team. Do you think you’ll tryout for dance team next year?

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