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March 14 Prayer Service

March 14 was a day that everyone at Mercy High School will remember forever. It was a day of prayer, remembrance, support, and sorrow. That day marked exactly one month since the terrible school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.
To commemorate the tragedy, the whole school conducted a prayer service to honor and remember all those who lost their lives, and to pray for this violence to end. At ten o’clock, all the students came out of their classrooms and lined the halls, and for seventeen minutes they stood and prayed together. The service consisted of an elongated decade of the rosary to include a prayer for each individual whose life was lost, a song, and a few minutes of silence. After the prayer service, some students chose to participate in a walkout to stand up and protest for better gun control. The students who participated lined up in front of the building and stood together in silence for seventeen minutes.
This day was a truly meaningful experience, and it was a great way for the Mercy community to show their love and support to all those affected. By offering up their prayers and standing up for what they believe in, they made a great impact on the world and showed everyone what the true definition of a Mercy girl is.

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