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8 Hacks to Ace the ACT

On April 14th, Mercy juniors will be taking the ACT. ACT stands for “American College Testing”. This test is a device for scholarships and acceptance to college. The juniors have been preparing for the ACT in classes and through The John Baylor Program. Preparing for the ACT can be dire, but it just got a bit easier with these 8 hacks to ace the ACT and eliminate stress.

1. Leave the hard questions until the end
Leaving hard questions will not only save time but it will eliminate stress because spending time on the same question for a long time is just stress in itself. Just do the questions that can be done, then do the hard questions.

2. Use “Process of Elimination”
Not knowing the answer doesn’t have to be a problem with the “Process of Elimination”. How to use this method: When the answer to the question is unknown, take out the answers that are obviously not right, then, with the last choices choose which one makes the most sense.

3. Write at least 2 pages
Writing on the ACT shows where writing capability is held in a person’s mind. Two pages are recommended to make sure your arguments are fully developed. When writing, make sure to use correct grammar, proofread, and have an introductory and conclusion paragraph. 

4. Answer Every Question
Even if the answer will most likely be wrong, answer it. There’s a better chance of getting it right if it’s filled in then not filling it in and getting it automatically wrong.

5. Finish With Extra Time to Check Your Work
Don’t rush. But, If it’s possible finish with enough time to check the work.

6. Don’t Overthink it
Being confident is key! Know that the test doesn’t define intelligence. Go see a movie or go to the mall with friends to relax for the test.

The night before the test can be stressful. Worrying about it can only make it worse. Getting a full nights’ sleep (8-10 hours) will ensure the body is well rested and ready to go.

8. Eat Breakfast
For many teenagers, breakfast is not the first meal that is brought to mind. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it fuels you to be able to push through for ACT success.

These tips are to help make the ACT easier and eliminate stress. Altogether, the ACT can be a difficult test to score well on. It can also be very stressful. So, if these tips do get used just know that now that’s one step closer to acing the ACT.
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