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Standing in Solidarity

On Wednesday March 14th Mercy High School held a prayer service to honor the victims of the Florida shooting. At 10 AM the intercom came on with a gong for around two minutes while everyone walked into the the halls. Everyone remained silent to prepare for this special service. Mrs. Miller, the campus minister, started the rosary by saying a Glory Be. The service continued with Mrs. Miller reading the name of each victim and praying the Hail Mary after each name. After the rosary was completed, a song played, followed by a minute of silence. After the prayer service the students were asked to silently walk back to their classroom, collect their books, and walk to their next class. The prayer service was a great way to show our support. It was very emotional. It gave students the chance to grieve with their classmates and teachers.

Molly Vankat
Hi! My name is Molly. I’m a freshman in high school. I love Singing, Acting and watching Netflix. I live in South Omaha with My Mom, My Dad, My younger brother, one of My three older sisters, My Grandma, and Our family dog Penny!
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