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Catholic Schools vs. Public Schools

My Mom
My Dad

On January 29th I interviewed my parents about Catholic Education, I wanted to know their thoughts on Catholic Schools.

My mom went to Gross Catholic for her high school education, and I asked her some questions about her time there and why she wanted to send me to a Catholic school.

Q: Why did you chose to let me have a Catholic education?
A: Because of Catholic values, and Catholics tend to be more socially closer, more like a family.
Q: Did you like going to a Catholic high school?
A: Yes, I made some very good friends and we all shared the same beliefs.
Q: What do you take from your Catholic education through your day to day life?
A: I take prayer, and the way I treat others.

My dad went to Grand Island public high school for his education, I asked him some questions on public schools and having a daughter going to a Catholic school.

Q: What was it like going to a public high school?
A: I liked it, I didn’t know anything other than public school, there was a lot of bullying though.
Q: What do you think about Catholic education?
A: I think you’re getting a good education even though that it might be over priced but that’s not our fault it’s the government’s fault.
Q: Do you have concerns about your daughter going to an all girls school vs. coed school?
A: At first I thought it would be weird, but no you have less distractions at an all girls school with out boys- like worrying about what the boys would think.

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