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A Q & A with Miss Gonderinger

I interviewed Miss Gonderinger, a freshman math teacher at Mercy, to find out how she found her vocation.

Q: What age did you realize what your personal vocation was?
A: I went back and forth about being a teacher starting in about 6th grade. I even considered being a pre-school teacher for awhile initially. It wasn’t until sophomore year of college, at age 19, that I made the final decision to teach high school math.

Q: How did you know God was calling you to be a teacher?
A: I knew God was calling me to be a teacher because I always felt the “warm fuzzies” when I helped my peers and younger students with their math. I knew God wanted me to share my gifts and talents, and God had given me the gift of understanding and explaining math to others.

Q: How has Mercy influenced your decision to pursue your vocation?
A: From the moment I decided to become a math teacher, I knew I wanted to be a math teacher at Mercy. The teachers I had while I was here showed me what it takes to be a good teacher and why it’s important to the students to see being an educator as a vocation and not just a job.

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