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Uniforms: The New and the Old

People always complain about having to wear uniforms. How many people have gotten demerits for coming to school with colored socks or wearing high tops? Well, when Maureen Parr was a Mercy student, in the year 1956, she had to wear pastel colors and saddle shoes. Sure they probably complained once in a while but nowhere near as much as I have.

Sometimes I think about about how I would also hate to have to choose a different outfit everyday. Although I complain about having to wear a uniform everyday I would complain an equal amount if not more than I do now if I had to pick a different outfit to wear every day .

I would say that it has almost been perfect to not have to worry about colors clashing and just put on my plaid skirt and gray shirt and go to school knowing that at least I don’t have to wear saddle shoes and pastel colors.

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Molly Vankat
Hi! My name is Molly. I’m a freshman in high school. I love Singing, Acting and watching Netflix. I live in South Omaha with My Mom, My Dad, My younger brother, one of My three older sisters, My Grandma, and Our family dog Penny!
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