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Senior vs. Freshman Opinions on PA

PA means “prom announcement”. PA is a Mercy tradtion where the juniors put on a show and tell the student body the theme of prom. This years PA was “Aladdin”. Also, PA tells the location and details of prom in the show. Freshmen have never been here for this tradition but Seniors have been here for 3 years going on 4. I interviewed Poya Nyenga (freshman) and Brittany Belitz (senior) to discover different optinionw about PA. This is what they said…

Q: What does PA mean to you?
Brittany: PA is just a fun rivalry between the two classes.
Poya: Being a freshman it doesn’t bring a lot of excitement to me because we don’t participate as much, but I know it means a lot to the older girls.

Brittany Belitz (Senior)

Q: What have you heard about PA?
Brittany: It’s one of the fun traditions Mercy has but I had heard it’s fun and exciting–and it really is when you’re a senior.
Poya: I have heard that it’s a lot of fun for the older girls and that the juniors are the ones who direct it They put a lot of work into it.

Poya Nyenga (Freshman)

Q: What was the best of the play?
Brittany: The genie was so funny, I think that’s probably the best part.
Poya: I liked all of it, I like how the juniors also put it together and they put in time and effort– and it showed.

Q: What about are you looking forward to?
Brittany: Finding my dress and to hear the music at prom.
Poya: Spending time with our big sisters and getting to know each other more through the activities.

Q: Were you surprised about the theme?
Brittany: This year we weren’t, we had a little “snake”, as the juniors would say, and we found out the theme. But yes it should be a surprise.
Poya: No. I kinda already had a clue!

Q: Do you think PA would be better as a surprise or do you think it’s better when you are informed?
Brittany: I think it should be a surprise. It’s fun for the seniors and juniors to have fun with it too!
Poya: I think it’s better as a surprise because it leaves suspense.

Q: What are some future tips you would give to keep PA a secret?
Brittany: Don’t talk about it in school at all. Seniors are everywhere they will hear something. Wrong or not, they still hear it!
Poya: Make sure you keep everything a secret- don’t post about it because they could get a clue.

Q: What is something you would keep for PA and what is something you would change?
Brittany: Keep it a surprise!  It’s fun for you to randomly have a half day! 
Poya: I would keep the juniors as the ones doing the play but I would change it so the sophomores have a part.

All together, people have many different perspectives on PA. If you are inexperienced or experienced, PA still can have an effect on you!

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