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Q & A with My Twin

I interviewed George Lee, my twin, on January 17th about what’s it’s like to be a twin because I wanted to know more about what he thinks.   Here is what he/she had to say:

Q: George we’ve been twins for 14 years, 4 months, and 5 days, so you know me pretty well I would say. What are you favorite and least favorite things about me?
A: I’d say my favorite thing about you would probably be; being able to reciprocate from a fight and not be too mad at me and my least favorite thing about you is your temper sometimes

Q: For 11 years of our lives together we went to the same school. Now we go to different schools do you like this change or do you wish we would’ve stayed in the same school? Why or why not?
A: Well I mean at first it was fun, but I like bouncing off your ideas as well as mine when we do homework and stuff like that, that’s always a plus. Just having another opinion with my homework and just having you there at school is always nice. I mean it was a nice switch at first, but sometimes it can get tiresome.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about being a twin and what’s your least favorite thing about being a twin?
A: Well my favorite thing about being twin is that I am never lonely at and I always have someone talk to, unless when your not here, well I can still kinda talk to you. My least favorite thing is when we get into our bad fights.

Q:If you had to choose someone else to be your twin who would it be and why?
A: Well I’d say I’d choose one of my friends, Noah, because he’s funny and really nice to hang out with.

Q: What do you think it would be like to not have a twin?
A: I’d say times could get pretty lonely giving that I would be the only child left in the house. Then I would just hang out by myself playing video games by myself.

For my first interview for, it was definitely fun !

Carlee Lee
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