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Snow Day: Friend or Foe?

Students explore their thoughts on the ever-popular “snow days” from the perspective of Mercy’s various stakeholders…

Maggie Moyer, Grade 12 

Most people view snow days as either a saving grace, or a huge inconvenience. It is important to remember that there is always some good to be found in an unwanted situation. As a high school senior, I personally don’t find myself wishing away snow days very often. For anyone feeling down because of an unwanted snow day, my advice to you is: seize the day!

Snow days are a great opportunity to catch up on work, chores, school, etc. Approach the day as if the clock has stopped, and you now have twenty-four extra hours to make it count. I spent this past snow day filling out scholarship applications, and now that is one last thing I have to worry about. Snow days don’t need to be all work and no play, so relax. Enjoy the day, because it is going to pass you by whether you like it or not.

If you are feeling inconvenienced by a snow day, make the choice to turn it into something great.


Ava Blankman, Grade 12 

From the moment our local meteorologists predict a snow storm, students all across the Omaha area constantly refresh twitter and check group chats until the anticipation is finally over with the words, “No School Tomorrow!”

It seems that each year the first predicted snow storm is “overly hyped up” and scares many people. However, once again, our first snow day was not the snowy tundra the meteorologists predicted, but rather a light snow dusting with a few slippery spots here and there. Fortunately, for many Mercy students, this snow day meant a full day of catching up on sleep they already lost after two days back from break.

Not only did the students sleep the whole day, but also planted themselves on the couch with a drink in one hand and a snack in the other to binge-watch their favorite Netflix shows including: Stranger Things, The Office, New Girl, and Friends. Out of all of the students I have spoken with, they concluded that a snow day is always better than having school.

Snow days are certainly friend, not foe.


Ellie Pierce, Grade 10

A set back, a rearrangement in schedules, and loss of time are some effects of having a snow day-a day off that isn’t always for the best; a day that kids look forward to sleep in, binge on Netflix, snack on their favorite foods, and stroll through social media.

Snow days are the days students and teachers look forward to. Although these days can have negatives. Any day of school that is off can be an exciting day for students. We get more time on the homework we procrastinated the night before, some time to sleep in, and a free day to do anything we want.

For some kids a snow day is the last thing they want. It may mean the struggle of staying home and watching younger siblings, stuck in the house with nothing to do, and some kids just like going to school. For teachers this day could be a day spent with their children, catch up on grading and a day to just relax. Some teachers say that the snow days don’t affect their schedule because then they prioritize what is really important. A negative for both students and teachers is if the district waits until the morning of to call school off. It’s better to call it off as soon as possible so parents can adjust their schedules.

Overall, the cons to a snow day can be easily adjusted. So you have to ask yourself- Is a snow day a friend or a foe? 


From Carlee Lee, Grade 9

Winter– “The most wonderful time of the year”, as we call it.  I mean, the winter season consists of Christmas, family, friends, and most importantly snow days! But, what if I told you snow days were actually not as good as you thought?

Snow days are actually more of a hassle than having school. How is that you ask? For starters, most parents still have to go to work on snow days, which leaves them in a pinch to find a baby- sitter. When kids go to school parents know they are safe and are being fed and taken care of.

Another reason snow days are a disadvantage is that teachers have to rearrange schedules. Rearranging schedules can be an enormous hassle and can put a dent in every student’s learning.

That leads me to my next point. When kids have too many snow days, the school board will add more days on to the end of the school year, and who wants that? No one. No one wants to go back to school for more days than they have to. For all these reasons, and plenty more, I believe we shouldn’t have snow days unless desperately needed. 


Emily Bragg, Grade 12

Here at Mercy, snow days are celebrated as a well earned respite from school. When there is a slight chance of snow in the forecast, Mercy girls are continually refreshing the list of cancellations for the potential snow day to come.

Almost everyone loves a spontaneous day off of school. Here in Nebraska, snow days are a dime a dozen, but still just as exciting. Those who do not take days off are usually negatively affected by the constant work load and productivity is easily slowed. Snow days force everyone to take a vacation. It is a great break from the usual busy, but fun school days here at Mercy. Students are kept off of the rigorous roads and safe at home.

A day in calls for sleeping in and binge watching shows on Netflix. However, after a well-deserved break, Mercy girls are excited to be united and are eagerly waiting for the next snow day to come.


Malia Chantiam, Grade 9

A snow day is one of the best things you can get out of winter. They tend to come as a surprise, and they happen just when you need them the most. Snow days provide a relaxing break from all the worries and stress that come along with school.

The possibilities are endless when deciding what you want to do on your snow day. You can relax at home and drink hot chocolate, binge-watch shows and movies on Netflix, read a book, sleep, hangout with friends, or go sledding. Snow days force us to take a vacation and to take more time for ourselves. They give us a break from homework and time to spend with friends.

Snow days are something we should never take for granted, and they are something we should enjoy. They let us fully take advantage of the day and the time we have. We should all embrace snow days for what they have to offer and always be thankful when they turn up.


Fia Cohen, Grade 10 

As we wait by the TV listening and waiting to hear if tomorrow is a snow day, excitement definitely builds. As a student I am always excited when there is a snow day, which means I don’t have to do any homework or study or even get out of bed. Some people have a whole day planned out for their snow day which could consist of; the mall, ice rink, sledding, spa day, or even a baking day. My snow day includes Netflix, food, and my room. I love to binge watch TV shows and Disney movies all day.

Students are always excited for a snow day but what do teachers think about it? Do they get annoyed by having to rearrange their entire schedule or are they cool with it? In the words of Mr. Stara, “When a basketball game is canceled because of it I do not like it.” Although some teachers don’t like them there is a significant amount of teachers who love them. Mrs. Marcuccio says, “I love snow days just as much as students do. Yes, I have to reschedule a little bit but it’s not that hard.”

After knowing the pros and cons of a snow day, do you feel like it’s just a Snow Day or a Snow Yay?

Amy Klein
Teacher, Convergence of Media
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