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A Q & A with Sister Delores

I interviewed Sister Delores on January 17th about FIESTA because I wanted to know more about the impact it brings for our school.
Here is what she had to say:

Q: How do you think FIESTA impacts our school each year?
A: It is a major impact and helps support negotiated tuition which helps 80% of our families, so it’s a major impact. We need to raise about 1 million for negotiated tuition and about 1/4 of it is from FIESTA.

Q: What auction items bring in the most bids/money?
A: Generally it’s trips.This year one of them is a trip to New York for 2 and you get to go to Broadway plays.  It includes airline tickets and it’s pretty cool!

Q: How much money does our school receive each year from FIESTA?
A: At least $250,000+ every year.

Q: How big is the crowd each year for FIESTA?
A: Right around 480-500 people-it’s lots of fun!

Q: Why is FIESTA so important to Mercy High School?
A: We’re a school who wants a lot of people to attend, so FIESTA helps us financially support families that don’t have financial support. This makes us a welcoming community.

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