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A Q&A With My father

I interviewed my father on January 17th about sending his daughter to an all girl school instead of a co-ed school, because I wanted to know more about his opinion on my switching schools. Here is what he/she had to say:

Q:How do you feel about me going to Mercy this year instead of Bellevue West? Why do you think it is better ?

A: I’m really glad you’re going to Mercy because the kids there want to learn, unlike your former school.  If they did want to learn,  there were too many students per classroom to get anything done.

Q: What do you think I can get at Mercy that Bellevue west didn’t provide ?
A: An education! 

Q: Would you have sent me to private schools for elementary and middle school, now knowing how good Mercy is?
A:I would have sent you to a Catholic middle school. Middle school is when academics really start to matter and prepare for life after high school

Q:When it comes to money involved with Mercy, do you think it’s worth it and why ?
A: Yes, I think it’s worth it because the public schools don’t focus on education anymore.

Q:How do you feel about it being a all girl school?
: I really like it, and it’s better because there are no boys to be distractions.

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