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A Q & A With Ms. Umstead

I interviewed Ms.Umstead on January 17th about the movie days in the library because I wanted to know more about how she picks what film to watch. Here is what she had to say:

Q: How did you decide to start having movie days in the library?
A: I needed a reason to lay around in the dark and eat popcorn and I thought it would be more fun with other people, I’m kidding. Also, most movies started as a book so it’s fun that way too.

Q: About how many students come and watch these movies?
A: There was a lot for Harry Potter and the most I can count is 25. It was fun because they didn’t know which one we were going to watch until then.

Q: What helps you decides which movie to show next?
A: The girls do, it’s kinda cool. At each movie, they put in a suggestion and decide which one to watch for the next movie. If the movie is not too long we do fun activities– like for Harry Potter some people won lightening bolt tattoos.

Q: Do you have a movie picked out for next time–if so what is it? If not–are there any particular movies you have in mind?
A: I don’t yet-but some of the suggestions are The Hunger Games, The Outsiders, and The Giver.  I love those books!

Q: What has been your favorite movie that you’ve shown so far?
A: Harry Potter. I love all of them, but that one was really exciting.

For my first interview for, it was definitely exciting!

Cate Huse
I'm a sophomore and my favorite color is blue. I am in Track and Cross Country so I love to run. I spend my free time with my family and friends or by watching Netflix.
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