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Huskers Recap

By this point, Nebraskans have heard the big news… Mike Riley, Nebraska’s head football coach, was officially fired this past weekend. Husker football fell into shambles during the past three seasons with a record of 19-19.

Mike Riley has been Nebraska’s rock, friend, and counselor throughout Sam Foltz’s death as well as the past three seasons. He was the first to lead the team out of Sam’s funeral and continued to comfort family and friends at the reception. He also may very well have brought civility back to the Huskers coaching staff.

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Riley is a great face for Husker Football, as he truly tries his best to make connections with the players. He once stated that coaching is less about the game and more about the creating lasting relationships, which he truly is great at.

On the other hand, has Riley really done that much to help the football program? This season the team went 4-8. That is the worst record held by Huskers football since 1961. The fact that they have gone 50 years winning at least 5 games each year until this year says a lot about Riley as a coach. It isn’t that he doesn’t know what he is doing, he just isn’t fit to coach the Huskers. Aside from never running the ball, coaching technique was never the daunting problem.

Word spread far and wide of the new coaching opportunity in Nebraska as the team is now a top coaching target. Let’s hope Frost comes our way!





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