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This Year’s Greenie Parade Was No “Happy Little Accident”

Whether it be “The Incredibles” or “27 Dresses”, this year’s Greenie Parade was a hit! The Freshman and senior classes showcased an extraordinarily amusing parade for the entire student body to experience. This event was a great kick-start to one of the many Welcome Day festivities.

You may have asked yourself, “What are greenies?” For years, Mercy has passed on the tradition to give freshmen, transfer students, and new staff members either a green greenie or a velvet beanie. This was done so in an effort to showcase to others that these people were new and act as a flag for any freshmen who may get lost or need help. The cool thing about the greenies is that if a freshman would have gotten caught not wearing her greenie, her big sister could then steal the greenie, decorate it, and the freshman would have to wear that at the greenie parade for the entire school to see.

As opposed to the many themes of previous years, this year’s seniors brought the flame when they introduced brand new themes such as “Life-Alert”, “Moana”, and “Monsters Inc.” Only one group took home the win when “Bob Ross” walked to the center of the Mercy basketball court. The group had one freshman dressed up as Bob Ross with a spot-on outfit including an incredibly large wig down to an actual tray of paint and a live paint class. Because everyone needs a friend, she was accompanied by four other freshman dressed up as colors and another dressed up as an easel. Mercy’s bleachers erupted with both laughter and cheers the second this group walked out.

Thank you to all the seniors, freshmen, and faculty who participated in this year’s Greenie Parade. Not only did you continue a great tradition at Mercy, but you put a smile on everyone’s face!

Lauren Ramaekers
Editor. Class of 2018.
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