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A Sweet Surprise

This past Friday was chock full of school-wide events while administrators, students, and teachers were aflutter before and during the most anticipated Welcome Day tradition of the Greenie Parade.

As usual, all of the freshmen dressed up and played the part of whatever theme their big sister had chosen.  But what some of the freshmen did not know is that the new teachers are welcomed in the same way. Yes, you read that correctly. The six new teachers had their greenies decorated and they joined in on the parade.

In the past, teachers have been all costumed up in costumes such as the three blind mice and the seven dwarves. This year the new teachers Ms. Fasano, Mr. Baren, Mr. Von Kampen, Mr. Modrell, Miss Gonderinger, and Ms. Alt all walked onto the floor as M&Ms eating bags of M&Ms.

The greenies themselves were not decorated and remained classically green, though a few had  a single, colorful bow attached. Each teacher had a circle of paper taped to the front of his or her shirt and it had a block, uppercase M on it, just to label the teachers as M&Ms.

Senior Emily Coleman said, “It was a creative way to make the teachers feel more comfortable and welcome within the Mercy community.”

That is the beauty of the Greenie Parade; it is a chance to make the newcomers feel involved and a time for the teachers to bond over the semi-awkwardness of the parade. Yes- it is a tradition stretching back years in the past so it shouldn’t be awkward, but there is always an element of feeling out of one’s element when one is in front of his or her new school dressed like chocolate.

Their costumes might not have been as dramatic or as involved as some of the freshman groups, but it still relayed the idea in a cute and fun way, plus one still has to remember that teachers have some of the busiest schedules so it would have been impossible to coordinate over the top outfits.

Mercy wishes the best of luck to the new teachers and hopes that their year is as sweet as can be.

Audrey Huse
The best memories I have made include laughing in the darkness of backstage and running around Omaha with my best friends.
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