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Little ‘Ol Me

I had no fears of what might be coming when I entered my freshman year here at Mercy. My big sister, Sarah Dyer, talked about Mercy in such a positive manner that I couldn’t wait for my first day of school.

I knew plenty of girls from grade school who were coming here with me. Along with that, I had found another friend outside of Saint Vincent de Paul, Annabella, who I have remained friends with up until today.

Looking back at myself freshman year, I can truly say that I have grown into what will soon be a “Woman of Mercy.” This school has taught me what it means to put myself before others through service. It has given me the chance to grow in my faith more than I could have ever expected in a very faith-driven environment. Mercy is a school that truly welcomes anyone. Everybody has the chance to leave Mercy with the ability and drive to be able to make a difference in the world.

If I could talk to “freshman year me”, I would tell her to not be afraid to be the different one. I came into Mercy pretty shy and always worried what other people might think of me.

The thing is, everyone at Mercy is so accepting. I have never heard of a girl being made fun of or laughed at because she was being herself. The idea may be peculiar, but girls who go to school together without the pressure of status or looks seem to be able to work so much more efficiently. Never have I done something in an effort to upgrade my “status” or to be liked by others. All in all, I would applaud my freshman self for making the decision to attend Mercy.

Lauren Ramaekers
Editor. Class of 2018.
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