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Looking Back

Freshman year: The year your life truly begins. Everyone is nervous. What are the teachers like? Am I going to be able to find my classes? When I first walked through the doors of Mercy for freshman orientation I wasn’t as nervous as I probably should have been. I had most of my friends from grade school by my side and I was sure my classes were going to be fairly easy (I was wrong about that!)

It was my choice to come to Mercy, and I still feel like it was the right one. I have had some of the greatest experiences here. My freshman year I met one of my now best friends, Tess, with whom I golf every single day now. My big sister was very welcoming and helped me through my first couple of weeks with the patience of an angel.

My Welcome Picnic had to be inside due to rain, and I’m still a little upset about it! It was still fun, but I wish it could have been outside. My group for the greenie parade did “bridesmaids”, a theme that shows up every year but has never won. My big sister brought a dress for me which I put on over all of my clothes. It’s one of my favorite memories of that week.

My freshman year ended up being amazing. I made so many new friends and am still friends with them now, my senior year. Mercy has helped me grow into the smart young woman that I am very proud to be!