Where the Boys Aren’t

From when it was founded in 1955, Mercy High School has proudly campaigned for the education of women, specifically in the environment of an all-girl school. With many students formerly attending co-ed grade schools, going to Mercy was their first chance to excel in the classroom without the pestering presence

Teacher Spotlight – Ms. Dongilli

The “ritmo” of Spanish music can be heard pulsing through the second floor hallway of Mercy High School. Not only does the noise from the music permeate the hallway, but the laughter and mischief of Spanish students accompanies the tunes. These sounds are the product of Ms. Dongilli. Arriving at

Where the Boys Aren’t

The education experience at Mercy High School is unlike any other. With rigorous academics and strong community bonds, girls are able to thrive. “I think one of the benefits of an all-girl education is just being with other like-minded young women that all have a goal. Everyone is kind of seeking

Meet Anna Zuber!

What if you had to transfer to a different school? Would it be a challenge? A way to explore what you’re interested in? A new opportunity? For Anna Zuber, a sophomore at Mercy High School, the transition from Gross Catholic High School after her freshman year was a challenge. From

Ban on TikTok?

The United States House is currently trying to pass the ability for President Biden to ban TikTok. TikTok is a popular app that is downloaded by one third of the teens in America. The government wants to ban TikTok because it is run by the Chinese company, ByteDance. The government