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A New Journey Ahead

As many of you know, Mrs. Graff and Mr. Maddigan are leaving Mercy High School and will not be returning next fall. I decided I would reach out to them and discuss their time at Mercy and what plans awaited them next.  Mrs. Graff first came to visit Mercy three years

Education Through Technology

Recently Mercy High School has switched to online classes due to the spreading of COVID-19. Students have been completing assignments online and also have been attending live classes on Google Meets. Many already know how students are handling the situation, but how are the teachers affected by all of this?

A Legacy of Monarchs

At Mercy High School there are many students who come from generations of Mercy girls before them, making Mercy a tradition in their family household. One of the students, Rita Leuck, who is a junior, comes from three different generations of Mercy students. The first to attend Mercy High School was

Search For the Right College

Junior and senior years in high school can be seen as stressful because of the thought of college approaching. Junior year is the time when the college search begins. Senior year is filled with college applications, college visits, and scholarships. The hard part about college is the thought of choosing

The Main Myth of Mercy High

If you went to Mercy in the early 2000’s, you’ve probably heard of Sister Mary Agnes. Apparently her spirit haunts our school. Many alums and teachers have a story to tell about the ghost who roams the halls. I chose to investigate this myth and see whether it is fact