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Photo of the week: Alumni Addition

This week, the 5th-6th grade lock-in brought in many future Mercy girls to get a glimpse at what their future high school life will look like! Along with the future mercy girls, their alumni family members came with them to show off their Mercy spirit many years later.

Spotlight on My Favorite Teacher

Mrs. Kessler’s Senior Photo There are so many talented and inspiring teachers at Mercy High School but one in particular stands out to me in an amazing way. Mrs. Kessler is such an amazing teacher and a huge asset to Mercy High School, and that is shown through the way students

More Than Just a Trip

Going on trips is always a fun and exciting experience. My trips to Mexico though represent more than a simple vacation. It’s the manner in which I get to spend quality time with important family members. It’s the manner in which I get to connect with my culture. It’s the

Getting Involved at Mercy

At Mercy High School all students are strongly encouraged to be involved in school activities, sports, or clubs. Studies have shown that being involved reduces risks of depression and helps develop social skills, confidence and community. Mercy High School is one of many schools that encourages students to do so,