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Spring Clean-Up

Now that winter is officially over and spring has begun, it’s time to clean up. Whether it is trash in your yard or garbage in your neighborhood, we need to work together to make our city clean. Some garbage is dangerous to animals. Trash we loaded to get rid of. They

Spirit of Mercy Award Winners

Each week a few students are awarded the Spirit of Mercy Award for random acts of kindness. This weeks winners are.... Shacty Alvarez-Hurtado, Jenny Becerra, Stephanie Hernandez, Alexis Hernandez-Portugues, Maddie Lopez, Jade Martinez, Arlene Navarro, Wendy Rangel. All these ladies represented Mercy at the Cinco de Mayo parade this weekend and did

Goodbye Class of 2019

On Wednesday night Mercy held their 64th annual graduation ceremony. The class of 2019 said their final goodbyes to Mercy as they crossed the stage and received their diplomas officially becoming alumnae. The graduation included the beautiful performance of the Ave Maria by the senior ensemble who also led their