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Is Running Good for the Long Run?

Running is an activity that many people do every day. As a track athlete, running is a very common activity for me, and I do it very often. While it is a good source of exercise, some question its long term effects. Running is healthy for one’s body, despite its

Mercy’s Calling

Every year, the development office enlists the help of Mercy girls to call donors across the nation. All proceeds go directly toward Mercy’s annual campaign for its unique negotiated tuition program. Roz Parr, Alumnae and Annual Gifts Officer, states, “Phonathon is vital to Mercy because it’s the way we renew

The All Girl Advantage

The feeling hit me sitting in my freshmen theology class. I thought, “Woah there aren’t any boys sitting next to me.” This was an epiphany for me. I now had the freedom to speak my ideas, express my opinions, and stand for my values with those who couldn’t wait to

Prom: What’s New?

With Prom around the corner, many juniors and seniors are wondering what to expect this year. This is an exciting time for everyone attending prom, and many are planning their outfits, dinner plans, and dance moves for this big event on April 6. This year, the prom theme was announced during

Lent: What to Give Up

This year, Lent has just begun for everyone who is a Catholic around the world. Lent is a time where one is recommended to give to up something that would be difficult for them or do something extra in order to improve their relationship with God. Lent begins on Ash

Lock-In Strikes Gold

The annual Mercy Lock-In for 5th and 6th graders was celebrated over the St. Patrick’s Day weekend on March 16th. The event has its roots in the mid-80s and was once an overnight for junior high girls. Currently, the event runs from 5:00 to 9:00pm. The night starts with pizza