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A Promposal

Prom season has arrived, which means promposals are officially a thing. In our ever-advancing society, getting invited to be someone’s prom date is a celebratory event. A simple invite over text will no longer suffice when your best friend popped the question with a flash mob and mariachi band. The

Two Words: Business. Leader.

I am a proud 3-year member of Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA). I have been involved in this competitive and future-preparing group since my freshman year, even when I attended my old school, Ashland-Greenwood High School. This group has helped me build numerous positive relationships with others that share

How to Get Rid of Pregame Jitters

    As an athlete, there have been multiple occasions where I was very nervous to play in a game. Whether it was something my coach told me or the team we were up against looked intimidating, pregame jitters always hit me right before the game. There are also multiple ways

How to Study For a Test

As a high school student, I have learned that studying is very important to besuccessful in high school. Studying, especially for tests, is my least favorite thing to do, but I have found ways to do it in a relaxing, non-boring way. First, you have to stay relaxed and focused. Stressing

Frustration on the Court

If you have ever played competitive club sports, you’ll be able to relate to what I’m about to say.  Imagine playing as hard as you can only to have your teammates throw all of your hard work away. This has happened to me many times during my club volleyball season. 

Snow Day Fun

Have you ever been home on day in the winter and not known what to do? Well, here are some fun ideas of things you can do. Go Ice Skating: Grab a couple of friends and hit up the ice skating rinks in Omaha. With a wide variety of rinks ranging

How To Be The Best Advent Angel

December has arrived, which means it’s time for the Advent Angels to be secretly roaming the halls delivering presents. Each year the girls who wish to participate in Advent Angels write up a list of a few of their favorite things. The list, along with the girl’s name, is put

Embracing History: Spirit Week!

In light of Spirit Week and especially our blast from the past theme this year, it is common to find ourselves reminiscing on past themes. Mercy has touched base with almost everything from summer camp, underwater, Disney, and even salad dressing. Follow along as I recap the last four Spirit