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The Omaha Community Playhouse

  The Omaha Community Playhouse is a local performing arts center that involves live theatre and other educational opportunities. OCP opened in 1959 and has impacted the Omaha area in a very positive way. It provides classes and plays which have enriched the arts in the Omaha Metro area. It also

Tech Week!

Tech week is always the most stressful week for the Mercy High Theatre Department. It is always a fun week, though, because the cast and tech crew come together to run through the production. This week is also a longer week for the students because the rehearsals go from 4

Hoppy Easter from Mercy High School

Easter is approaching fast and Mercy is prepared! Over the weekend, the school hosted a scavenger hunt and offered other Easter activities for kids and their parents. It was welcome to anyone who wanted to participate and a way for alumnae to visit Mercy. It was a fun way to

2021 Maha Music Festival

Maha is a nonprofit operation that is centered on bringing communities together. It has serviced the community of Omaha since 2009. Maha Festival is a music festival that takes place in Omaha, Nebraska over the course of a few days in the summertime. This event has become more and more

Service Hours

Although this year has brought many difficulties, including getting the proper service hours, some opportunities still remain. What can qualify as service hours has also changed a little this year. Although some service opportunities have stayed the same, many have changed due to Covid-19. Mercy girls are required to have a

March Sadness

Everyone knows of NCAA March Madness but every year the men’s tournament gets more attention than the women’s tournament. This year the women’s bracket gained attention for a different reason than the athletic abilities of the women. ”Weight Room”   Sedona Prince, who is a player for Oregon, spoke out on Tik Tok

Emma Caito and Next Steps!

Emma Caito, a senior at Mercy High School, has had the honor of signing to Minnesota State University Moorhead. She has made the decision to sign for soccer starting in the fall of 2021. Emma has been playing soccer since she was four years and currently plays central left side

Lunch Catering Has Returned!

Since Covid started there were things that we couldn’t have like vending machines and still don’t have like microwaves so we can’t cross contaminate. Well that changed Mercy has brought back the vending machines and catering. There are now able to have catering for lunch from Fazoli’s and Chick-fil-A. They

Our 2021 Mission

This coming week, Mercy High School will be participating in our annual Mission Week. This year Mercy is working with an organization called the Arise Foundation to help tea workers get the proper resources and protection they need. This foundation largely focuses on helping people involved in human trafficking and

Senior Scholarships

Here at Mercy, we have two wonderful college advisors. Mrs. Laura Powers and Mrs. Driml-Powers are super smart and on top of everything. They see a lot of students every day about college admissions, scholarships, or just general questions. They work in the Academic Success Center and always have an