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Babies, Babies, and More Babies!

What an exciting year at Mercy High School as three teachers prepare to welcome the newest additions to their families and the Mercy community.  Mrs. Davis, Mr. Riesberg, and Mr. Maddigan are all excepting babies within this school year.  In addition, Mr. von Kampen recently had a baby girl last

Something Old Turned New

For years the Academic Success Center has been a place of gathering, studying, and learning for Mercy girls. Many students chose room 30 as a workspace because of the friendly smiles, helpful tutors, and productive atmosphere. The ASC, although beloved in the Mercy community, has not received any further renovations

Fall Sports Pep Rally

Since school is back in session, its time for fall sports. The only way Mercy knows how to celebrate all of the sports at once is through the Pep Rally. The sports involved in the fall season are cross country, golf, softball, and volleyball. The big components of the pep

A New Tradition at Mercy

Entering a new environment is always a nerve racking experience, especially when this new environment is a high school with almost 400 other girls! At Mercy, we have a solution for this! For years, Mercy’s tradition has been that each freshman has one senior to be her guide,

Planning for Welcome Week

Being one of the first traditions freshmen experience and the first big tradition of the school year, so much goes into making a good start of the school year. Student council has to plan everything down to the most minuscule detail. I wanted to learn about the process of

A Warm Mercy Welcome

The transition from grade school to freshman year is hard for many students. New faces, classrooms, and rules can be very intimidating when first starting high school. To make the shift from school to school more smooth, here at Mercy we kick off our first week of classes with ‘Welcome

Greenie Parade Winners

The greenie parade has been a tradition at Mercy for many years. This year, the greenie parade was a great success! Each group was extremely creative in choosing a theme and creating costumes relating to the theme. The greenie parade winner this year was the group dressed as One Direction.

Farewell to Alt, Stanley, and Modrell

There are three faculty and staff members leaving Mercy after the end of this school year. The three who are leaving are Mrs. Shannon Alt, Mrs. Anne Stanley, and Mr. Kevin Modrell.  I asked each of them to talk about why they are leaving and how they feel about