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Best Class of the Week

This week one class really stood out to me. The curriculum was fairly easy. The energy of the teacher was amazing. The atmosphere in the classroom is great, and students love the teacher as much as the class. This class introduces the students to a foreign language, which is required

Best Class of the Week

This week in Honors English 9 the students got to watch the 1968 movie Romeo and Juliet. Since the class has been reading the famed tale for the past two weeks, the excitement to see the Shakespearean tale told through a visual production was through the roof.   Once we came into

5 Things That Will Be Missed

Seniors are always asked what their favorite memory is from the past four years or what they will remember the most. At Mercy we are a very welcoming and loving community for all of the students. This makes the four years spent here even more special and memorable, but it

SIESTA and the Mission 2023 On Friday the 24th, the students and staff of Mercy High School celebrated SIESTA, to raise money for the mission. Classes ended after lunch and the rest of the afternoon consisted of games, raffles, and fun!

Mercy’s Mission

At Mercy High School, near the end of every year, we spend a week raising money for a worthy cause. Every year is a different mission chosen by the Student Council members. This year’s mission is to raise money for those who don’t have the opportunity to go to school.