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The Coronation

There is a new King of England, a coronation, and preparations for London's biggest event of the year! In 1953 Queen Elizabeth II was crowned in Westminster Abbey after her father died in 1952, because she was the oldest daughter and had no brothers. She became Queen at age 25. Her

5 Things That Will be Missed: Interviews

What do the seniors say they will miss about Mercy? I asked multiple seniors five questions, and here are their answers, enjoy. What Classes with you miss the most? Many replied with standard classes like English, sciences, or history, but others stood out. Intermediate Theatre is a class based on getting students

Food in Omaha

Want a good place to eat without the fancy price tag? Something to satisfy your taste buds? Well do I have a place for you! One a relaxed ramen house, the other is a wholesome desert bar.  Ika San is an amazing place in the metro to order Japanese-style food. They

Best Class of the Week: Noronha Edition

This best class of the week goes out to Ms. Noronha. Students had to make up a skit with predetermined groups of four with assigned stories to make a video out of and possibly share amongst all of the freshman class. These kinds of activities are always good for team

All About Easter

What is Easter all about? Easter is also known as Pascha, which translates to Passover. The day Easter is celebrated is when Jesus resurrected from the tomb in which he was buried after three days. This day is dedicated to prayer and a special mass. To begin the week of Easter