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Prom Picture Locations

    Prom is right around the corner and there are a lot of thing to get done like getting a dress, finding the perfect hairstyle and planning out the pictures. Pictures are an important step in the prom experience, it's what one looks back on after the years have gone

Bone Appetite!

Dog owners everywhere would agree that dogs deserve the world. They can always brighten one’s day no matter what. Not all dogs are lucky enough to have a loving home but that could change. The Nebraska Humane Society works hard to help every animal find a place to call home, so

A State of Emergency

    In the week of March 10th the Midwest was struck by a bomb cyclone which covered Nebraska in snow and rain. The frozen ground forced rainwater to flow into rivers and low-lying areas. Big blocks of ice were already stuck in rivers but the cold temperatures caused the rain

Getting Inspired

Feeling inspired is a great feeling. There are so many thoughts running through someone’s brain yet they feel calm. Inspiring others is also an amazing feeling. Here are some ways to get inspired or inspire others. • Set aside time for yourself. Setting aside some time to relax and take care

Lighthouse Lighting the Way.

Lighthouse Pizza is a one of a kind restaurant thanks to their nine inch slices of pizza. A nine inch slice of pizza may seem impractical but from the many times I’ve eaten there I’ve never thought it was too much. If you eat there you’ll probably have leftovers but