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May Queen Merriment

Watch this interview to find out a little bit more about our mercy may queen! Madeline Elsasser: Our May Queen from Molly Vankat on Vimeo.

A Q & A with Lauren Ramaekers

Lauren Ramaekers went on the Dominican Republic service trip last year so I asked her some questions about how it affected her. Q: What was your favorite part about going on the DR trip last year? A: I really enjoyed visiting our camp and getting to know the people as well as

“I Can Only Imagine”: A Movie Review

Last weekend I saw the movie I Can Only Imagine. I Can only Imagine is a movie about Bart MIllard, a boy who came from an abusive household, his life and how he came to be a famous Christian singer-songwriter. Bart Millard was born and raised in Greenville Texas. When

Standing in Solidarity

On Wednesday March 14th Mercy High School held a prayer service to honor the victims of the Florida shooting. At 10 AM the intercom came on with a gong for around two minutes while everyone walked into the the halls. Everyone remained silent to prepare for this special service. Mrs.