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Monarchs On a Journey

Just past the front doors to Mercy High School, there is a large wooden cross with multi-color footprints on it. Each footprint has a different number on it; the numbers each represent miles, but what are these miles for? Before the season of Lent, Campus Minister Ashley Miller sent an email

De-Stress For THE Test!

Not every Monarch is ecstatic about "hammering the grammar". Most students dread the ACT and the Kaleidoscope preparations for the weeks leading up to the test. Each Monday Kaleidoscope arms our juniors with the tools to maximize their ACT scores and minimizing college debt. Unfortunately, the magnitude of the test

Mission Week 2022

Mission Week is upon us! The mission for this school year is building wells in third world countries. In preparation for the week, students had the opportunity to purchase themed t-shirts in support of said mission. Student-Designed T-Shirt for Mission Week! A presentation over the activities of the week took place before