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5 Things That Will Be Missed

Seniors are always asked what their favorite memory is from the past four years or what they will remember the most. At Mercy we are a very welcoming and loving community for all of the students. This makes the four years spent here even more special and memorable, but it

Never At A Loss For Words

As the fourth quarter gets started, the students of Mercy High School are all working hard, especially our Convergence of Media students. They started the semester learning about how to write articles, how to properly interview someone, and how to work the Mercy Tea Time website. There has been a

The Seniors’ Next Step

As the school year comes to an end, it is approaching the time to start looking ahead. For the freshmen, sophomores and juniors that means getting ready for another year of high school, but for the seniors that means college or other after-high-school plans. With a total of $8.6 million

A Big Step Into a Sisterhood

Everyone’s transition from middle school at high school is always a big step. Everything is so new and different. There are so many new faces, and a new building you need to learn your way around. Even coming from a private elementary school to a private high school was a

A Collector at Mercy

Mercy is full of many unique and wonderful students, all with different hobbies and interests. One example would be Mercy’s very own, Zsa Zsa Gomez. Zsa Zsa is a proud freshman and was willing to sit down and answer a few questions. When asked why she chose to go to mercy,