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A Walk Together

Mercy students are experiencing a new way to explore their faith, with a virtual tour of Jerusalem! During the Lenten Prayer service, students gather inside the chapel. There they pray and virtually tour a section of Jerusalem, voiced over by Mrs. Miller, the campus minister. The students get to see

Water Without a Well

Mission Week has arrived! This year's mission is all about water and women, titled Women at the Well. Women in developing countries spend countless hours every day gathering water for their families. Our goal this mission is to provide wells for the communities, easing the burden on women.  Our slogan this

Determined to Shine

This last weekend the show choir team here at Mercy performed on Saturday, February 5th. Their theme was the elements, focusing on Earth, wind, fire, and air! They sang various songs relating to their theme, from “Roots before Branches” by Room for Two, to the very fitting “The Elements” by