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District Music

District Music is an event where the Mercy High Singers, a class for our talented singers, goes to Blair High School and performs both as a group and solo while getting evaluated by judges. The judges look for good tone and diction. This past Friday was when this annual event

A Maternal Musical

Mr. von Kampen, Theatre, Acting, and Public Speaking teacher has a lot on his plate. Not only does he teach all of those classes, he is also directing the spring musical, Out of the Woods, and has a baby on the way! The real mind-boggling question is: How does he

Dropping New Year’s Resolutions

New Years is a time filled with different traditions, from watching the ball drop to kissing your family and pets at midnight so they supposedly stay another year (just for good measure). But one helpful tradition is making a New Years Resolution. New Years is viewed as a restart button,

Apprehensive About Antonia?

My Antonia: a staple in American literature. But is it really worth the read? My Antonia is set around 1880-1910 in Black Hawk Nebraska. The story follows character Jim Burden through about 30 years of his life, which is heavily influenced by an immigrant named Antonia. One of the best aspects about

The Hahn-Mergens Wedding

According to TripSavvy, 2.4 million weddings are performed every year in the United States. Ms. Hahn, one of our wonderful math teachers here at Mercy High School is going to be one of those 2.4 million very soon. Ms. Hahn will be marrying Mr. Mergens over spring break. She said, “We