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Mercy’s Mission

At Mercy High School, near the end of every year, we spend a week raising money for a worthy cause. Every year is a different mission chosen by the Student Council members. This year’s mission is to raise money for those who don’t have the opportunity to go to school.

A Sneak Peek into Art

Art is everything. Art is special. Art is one of the oldest human activities. Art shows us how we evolved and grew as a species. Thousand year old drawings on cave walls are examples of early art. Art changed as humans changed. Early forms of writing were art, such as

Where the Boy Aren’t

Imagine a home, a lot bigger than your home, but a home where everyone is comfortable to share their thoughts and a place where everyone feels comfortable and is ready to learn. This is the atmosphere of an all-girls school.  An all-girls school has more than a comfortable atmosphere, it has

Bee Yourself

Mercy has many interesting and unique students. On January 11, one of these students, Bee Hampton, sat down for an interview. Take a look inside Mercy High School and join this exclusive interview with a bright young freshman student. Hampton, like all of Mercy’s students, is unique. She enjoys a variety