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The Week Ahead December 3–December 8

This week is one packed with many competitions and fun events. Many students will be enjoying field trips, lunches, and singing. Read here to find out what the students and faculty of Mercy High will be doing the next few days. Monday, December 3 Today is a regular schedule with a field

Advent Angels

During the Christmas season, many people do a gift exchange known as Secret Santa or Advent Angels. At Mercy, Advent Angels is a tradition that many students look forward to and get excited about. It is something that gets everyone in the Christmas spirit and it’s a great way to

The World’s Greatest Secretary

When most people think of a high school secretary, they think of someone who answers phone calls, works in the front office, and lets people in the doors. In my short, few years of doing work study in the office, I can tell you that it is so much more.