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Snow Day Fun

Have you ever been home on day in the winter and not known what to do? Well, here are some fun ideas of things you can do. Go Ice Skating: Grab a couple of friends and hit up the ice skating rinks in Omaha. With a wide variety of rinks ranging

Ice Skating at UNMC

Ice skating, a winter favorite, is at the University of Nebraska Medical Center for all to enjoy. Located between 40th and 42nd streets and between Dewey and Emile Streets, the rink is sure to be a fun time! Ice Rink entrance on Dewey Street The ice skating rink costs $5 for the

College and Career Day for Mercy Seniors

Every year, Mercy freshmen, sophomores, and juniors take the PSAT here at school. University of Iowa CampusPhoto: University of Iowa For the first time this year, seniors experienced something different. They were able to go out and explore different colleges or careers. With a five day weekend, some students stayed in Omaha to

How to: Study for a Test

There are so many different ways to study for a test. Studying is a personal habit that gains success over time, but it is truly something that needs to be practiced. Everyone has different studying habits, but here are a few that may help you ace you next big test: