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Summer Plans

Many students make plans during the last months of school for summer. Usually the plans end up being a bust, or just not happening at all. Summer pool parties become sleepovers with one or two friends. Road trips turn into you staying home on your phone being bored. So here

The Last Show

Mercy hosts plays produced and put on by the students twice a year. Ranging from plays to musicals. Mercy has done it all. This year things got very sad, there wasn’t a dry eye in the audience.  Hanna Stec is a senior at Mercy and has been involved in theater since freshman

A Hidden Artist

In Mercy, students have many opportunities to be in art. Students can choose from a variety of art classes to learn more in depth aspects of everyday things. At Mercy we showcase art that students make all around our school and in art shows. Some students choose to continue making

What Happened to the Golden Girls?

Go Monarchs go! Mercy has many unique events that happen throughout the school year and one of them is pep rallies. From rapping, teachers dancing, and students being blindfolded and told to “moo”, pep rallies are something to look forward to at Mercy.  This school year we have had many pep