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Do You Need a Date for Prom?

As everyone prepares for prom, many girls are scrambling to find dates. But the question is, are dates really needed? I mean, sure, it might be nice, but why do girls want a date so badly? What’s wrong with going with a group of friends? prom ticket Girls sometimes feel pressured to

A Tough Go Against Gretna

Lexi Rains It was a beautiful day for a soccer game on Monday. The Monarchs played an exciting match against the Gretna Dragons at College of Saint Mary. It was their first game of the month and it was a tough one. It was a very interesting game for Varsity. A player

Kick-Starting Soccer

As we jump into spring, Mercy Sports jumps into a new season. Soccer is especially looking forward to what the new season can bring. As soccer begins their new season, they are preparing for another successful year. Last season they made it to the semifinals but fell short to Elkhorn.

The Clothes Spin

As I go through my junior year of high school, all I hear about is college. Where am I going to college? What am I going to major in? But to me, what I’m most worried about is how I am going to survive without my parents. As my mom

The One With All the Reviews

The 90s gave us some great shows. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Boy Meets World, Dawson’s Creek, and Home Improvement just to name a few. But by far the most popular would be Friends.  Everyone knows something about friends. Whether it be the catchy theme song with the famous line

NHS Blood Drive

It’s time for the annual Mercy-Holy Cross Blood Drive. It was held on Saturday, January 26th from seven a.m. to twelve thirty p.m. in the Holy Cross cafeteria. While the blood drive was in full swing there were numerous basketball games, which made parking spaces scarce, although the Mercy community