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Did You Know That URLVD?

Hosted by St. Pat’s in Elkhorn and ultimately organized by Alex Zimmerman, URLVD is a weekend retreat for high schoolers wanting to deepen their faith. Registration for the summer 2024 retreat is open right now; scan the QR code on the attached flier or click on the link at the

Culture Week 2024

Click below to see a re-cap of Mercy’s first ever Culture Week. This video has footage of student-run booths, showcasing various nationalities, customs, and food!

Reunited: A Soccer Story

Is it coincidence or meant to be? Sophomores Olivia Ohlman and Audrey Bush are teammates on Mercy’s Varsity Soccer team, but this year isn’t their first time playing together. In fact, they’ve been united through soccer since pre-K and have recently come back together to play soccer for the remainder

Photo of the Week!

Photo Title: Divinity On Thursday (4/4), Mercy students spent time in Eucharistic Adoration during their theology classes. Candles were used to illuminate the chapel because Mercy High School was taking a break from technology and electricity.

National History Day: Bon Appétit

Julia Child, otherwise known by her stage name, the French Chef, was the inspiration for Juniors Emily Browning and Kate Beran at the National History Day (NHD) competition this year. After months of research and creatively constructing an exhibit, Browning and Beran received first place in the dual-exhibit category at

Meet Anna Zuber!

What if you had to transfer to a different school? Would it be a challenge? A way to explore what you’re interested in? A new opportunity? For Anna Zuber, a sophomore at Mercy High School, the transition from Gross Catholic High School after her freshman year was a challenge. From