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5 Things You Will Miss: Kailey Martinec

It is late April and summer is just around the corner. The flowers are blooming, the weather is heating up, and the excitement of the end of the year is at an all time high. Many high school students, especially seniors, are yearning for the end of finals and to leave high school. Although happy for summer, the seniors are leaving behind all the memories they made in high school to make new ones at college. Mercy High School senior, Kailey Martinec, has been really reflecting on what she will miss this year. 

What are you going to miss the most at Mercy?

“I’m going to miss the sense of family and community because at mercy everyone knows who you are for the most part and aren’t afraid to have a quick conversation and catch up with you and it’s going to be really hard to find something like that again.” 

Kailey is very involved at Mercy with the underclassmen. She has a younger sister continuing her education as a junior next year while Kailey moves to South Dakota for college. Many will definitely miss her in the hallways as she always has a bright smile on her face. 

What will you miss about the activities you were involved in?

“I’m going to miss all the opportunities of getting involved. I’ve appreciated all my time on the track and softball teams because of the sense of support and all the skills they’ve equipped me with. Aside from my sports teams the various clubs at mercy have allowed me to explore my interests and help express my passions”

At Mercy, Kailey was involved in softball and track. She excelled at these sports, and provided great leadership for the underclassmen. Her sarcasm and humor will be missed on the softball field and the track. 

What will you miss most about the classes?

“I’m going to miss the smaller class environments and the strong relationships I’ve built with teachers. My teachers have done so much for me the last 4 years and I can’t express just how appreciative I am for all the work they’ve put into helping me with both my studies and when I’ve needed advice in regards to college and life after high school.” 

Kailey has always kept on her school work and is known for making the Quizlets for her grade. She will be missed so much in her classes as she always brightens up a room. 

Who will you miss the most?

“I will definitely miss my sister Kenzie the most. She is the nicest person ever and has taught me so many life lessons and I owe her so much. She is the best person I have ever met and I cannot wait to see what she will accomplish these next few years.” 

Anything else you might miss?

“I will just miss the familiarity of high school, and the schedule and rules there are at Mercy.”

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