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5 Things That Will be Missed: Interviews

What do the seniors say they will miss about Mercy? I asked multiple seniors five questions, and here are their answers, enjoy.

What Classes with you miss the most?

Many replied with standard classes like English, sciences, or history, but others stood out. Intermediate Theatre is a class based on getting students to help build sets, work on memorizing lines, improve, and working with machinery. Another may sound like a bad choice for a math hater, but pre-calculus. This class does their studies on parametric functions, and polar coordinates. 

What will you miss about the building?

Most students said they will miss the new renovations made on the building. They only just got to see them and now they have to leave. Others like the more regaling spots of the building including the Academic Success Center, the Media Center, or the cafeteria. Some students replied that they will miss the simple things like having a functional locker, having 8th hour study hall, or even the secret stairwell.

What teachers/ faculty will you miss?

Different students have different opinions about which teachers they will miss. This ranges from theology with Vankat, math with Mergens, or English with Kessler. All of these teachers will be missed. Not only these teachers but the students will have a hard time departing from the rest of the faculty. No more seeing Harre in the morning or in the office, or having Wessling as their Mercy girl principal.

What will you miss about Mercy?

Community. This has been repeated over and over again. At Mercy we have such a wonderful community and do so many activities together as a school. The teachers care about their students and try to help as much as they can. Students comfort each other in their time of need. This school means so much to its students and faculty. 

What clubs or activities will you miss?

Mercy has many clubs and activities to participate in, giving each girl a chance to make friends with people with the same interests. Some students are not in clubs at the moment to make extra time for the end of the year, but others had different choices. A few students will miss getting together and making crafts in craft club, others said helping with the spring and fall plays, a few will miss being student ambassadors.

This all shows how much the senior class with miss Mercy but will do great things with their futures. 

Zsa Zsa Gomez
“When life gives you lemonade make lemons. Life will be all like, "WHAT?!"
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