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He is Risen

Jesus died for our sins. After three days He was resurrected. The Christian faith celebrates this beautiful day by celebrating Easter Sunday. In 2023, Easter was celebrated on Sunday, April 9th. Not only did people attend church and praise Jesus, but they also did the traditional egg hunts. It’s very important that it should be recognized and celebrated. 

This weekend I performed in the Easter program at my church. I sang two gospel songs and did a dance with my fellow youth. The youth program at my church is very important. I asked my youth group leader how she liked the group and the Easter program. She said, “It’s very important to me that kids are able to have personal relationships with God, and be able to perform on programs like this one.” She also stated that the youth is a very important part of the future of the church, and they should have the choice to explore their beliefs early. It is great for youth to participate. Programs like these are also a great opportunity to educate all groups of people. I honestly enjoyed it and it was a great opportunity to explore my faith. 

Family is also a very important part of the Easter season. During the afternoon on Sunday I spent time with my lovely family. Every year we dress in our “Sunday Best” and go to church. We then enjoy a great brunch. After that we spend a lot of time together. I asked my sister what her favorite part of Sunday was. She said,“When we went and played games, I enjoyed bonding with my family”.

A lot of families spend their time together differently. Egg hunts are very common. Many people know how it goes, someone hides the eggs and the kids usually go looking for them. Some families have plastic eggs and if you get lucky, there might be a treat inside. Some make food and have family over at a family member’s house. The different traditions are endless and are unique for every family.

Aside from all the fun, the day is a very important day. Many Catholic schools got a five day break for Holy week. Holy Thursday and Good Friday are also very important in this week. Tradition is big part in the Christian faith and these important Easter rituals make childhood memories! 

Imani McAllister
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