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Best Class of the Week

This week one class really stood out to me. The curriculum was fairly easy. The energy of the teacher was amazing. The atmosphere in the classroom is great, and students love the teacher as much as the class. This class introduces the students to a foreign language, which is required for colleges and universities. Students also learn about the culture and background of the language. The class is very educational and teaches the basics so that the student could have a conversation in the language. This class is Spanish 1 which is taught by the one and only Señor Jensen. 

The last few weeks we have learned about some vacation spots in Spanish speaking countries, and learned about the fun activities that we can do there. It’s very interesting, and I have been very interested in some of the locations like the country Mexico. Sophomore,Kenzie Martinec has really enjoyed the vacation locations. She said, “it’s really cool to see all the cool places in the different countries especially the firefly garden”.

We also have been learning about ways to use the two different to-be verbs, estar and ser. We have been forming full sentences using the verbs and some nouns to have conversations. I find it very simple to form these sentences and statements, but others might find it hard. Like me, Freshman, Leah Kinney loves being able to structure sentences. She stated, “I like the feeling of learning about the language and being able to structure sentences in Spanish. Using knowledge from past lessons and being able to use them now, it is very interesting to see how much I’ve grown from the beginning of the year”. 

Learning Spanish is a good skill and Señor Jensen makes the class enjoyable. He comes up with engaging and fun activities that the students love. He also gives out candy to people who participate. He is a very fun teacher and makes the class better. The class has been my favorite this week and I’ve had a lot of fun. 

 So the award of “Best Class of the Week” goes to Spanish 1 in classroom 22.

Imani McAllister
Class of 2025, Dog lover, Theater kid, Baker, Soccer player
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