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Antiquing is a fun experience were you can shop for items such as clothes, accessories, old gizmos and more! This hobby is a must-do were one can find something old, but new for them. Some antique for fun or a hobby, others like to have a business or sell what they find. Going to an antique store can also show parts of history or the past that we haven’t seen. What you find you may not know the whole story behind it.

I asked a shop owner a few questions.

Is it hard to find items to sell?

Sometimes, but I get most of my items from other antique stores and house sales.

About how much money comes in a week?

That’s the risky part, it depends. If people come in and buy little novelty items, a few hundred, but some people come in wanting an item for a couple hundred or maybe up to a thousand.

What is your favorite part of working here?

Getting to meet new people and buy awesome everything!

This shows how antiquing is both fun for the shopper and the shop owner.

This picture has it all. This used to be a piano but is now converted to a drinking area. This shows how old is now new, and object may not be what they seem. Antiquing is also an art, someone can find something weird, awful, or strange and turn it into something beautiful. Everything comes together to make something that people enjoy.

Zsa Zsa Gomez
“When life gives you lemonade make lemons. Life will be all like, "WHAT?!"
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