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Teacher Spotlight: Mr. Humphreys

Around Mercy you can find various teachers who have had a positive impact on Mercy Girls. These teachers’ positive influence has stayed with the girls even after graduation. It has also caused them to favor certain teachers. As my time in Mercy comes to an end, I can say that one of the teachers that I have come to favor is Mr. Humphreys.

Mr. Humphreys arrived at Mercy high 14 years ago. His story on how he got the job is very interesting. In the spring of 2009 he was informed that he had been laid off from his teaching Job in St. Louis due to the recession. Not even 24 hours later, he viewed, through a newspaper, that Mercy High School had an opening position for a social studies teacher. He submitted the application and it didn’t take long before he knew he got the job. To summarize, in the span of two weeks Mr. Humphreys had lost his job, submitted his application at Mercy, came in for an interview, and obtained his social studies teacher position.

Mr. Humphreys teaches a variety of classes. Students have had the opportunity to have had him as a teacher in Economics, APUSH, World History, and American Government. A key feature that makes his class very enjoyable is his spontaneous personality and knowledgeable lectures. Ella Gerken, a current senior, states, “I love Mr.Humphreys class because of how engaging and personable he is. He’s always encouraging new ways of thinking and you never walk away without having a good laugh”. In his class, one can expect to leave ten times more knowledgeable and having had a wonderful time. 

Lastly, when speaking to Mr. Humphreys about his experience with Mercy. He states that he enjoys being part of a friendly and respectful community like Mercy. One of his favorite memories while being here is when he had the opportunity to be on Jeopardy. Everyone in the school was extremely supportive and he received a standing ovation from the study body when the news was announced.

As his time in Mercy also comes to an end, as he is retiring after this year, it’s going to be hard to say goodbye and there’s no way to thank him for all his done for his students at Mercy! 


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